In 2016, the Fordham FinTech Network was founded as a student-led initiative at Fordham University, Lincoln Center campus. Now it has 600+ members from undergraduates, graduates to professionals.


Our Mission

Fordham FinTech Network aims to involve and connect Fordham MBA, law, masters, and undergraduate students with the robust FiTech industry and community.

Fordham FinTech Network consists of a group of the most passionate people in the industry who are ready to disrupt the world we are living in.

Executive BOARD 2016-2017

 Ian Carins
Vice President

Lydia Qian
Chief of Content

Jake Cadez
Chief Technology Officer

Brett Shear
President and Co-founder

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What We've Achieved                              What we are planning

  • 600+ Membership Base
  • 100+ Weekly Newsletters
  • $300+ Fund Raising
  • Independent Journalist Team
  • Blockchain in Capital Markets and Accounting Panel
  • Fordham FinTech 1st Annual Conference
  • Blockchain Workshop
  • Campus Card Project
  • Hackathon
  • FinTech Investing Seminar
  • FinTech Consulting Course
  • Workshops (Blockchain, Machine Learning, Data mining)
  • ...